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At Darwin Powdercoating, we strive to provide our clients with the HIGHEST QUALITY sandblasting, powdercoating and customer service experience. We guarantee our clients the BEST TURNAROUND TIME in Darwin, and our customers will attest to that. We don‘t just provide powdercoating services, we also offer sandblasting, metal stripping and welding repair to prepare items for powdercoating. We also offer removal and refitting services for most items.

Our Services

Our extensive range of colours, textures and glosses from Wattyl, Dulux and Interpon’s Powdercoating colour range make it easy to find the perfect colour for any industrial, automotive or home project. We stock a variety of high and low gloss, metallic and clear finishes, along with a range of unique textures, from smooth surfaces to a wrinkled or matte finish and rough textures. If we don’t have the colour you need, we can usually source it quickly. Let us help you find the right powdercoating colour to bring your project to life.


Reap the benefits of protecting and decorating your metals with the advanced powdercoating process from AXSA Group in Darwin. AXSA Group uses the most efficient and economical method available for protecting and decorating metals. Our powdercoating services provide you with the longest-lasting, most color-durable finish available on the market. Benefiting from superior resistance to chipping, corrosion, scratching, fading, and wearing, you can trust AXSA Group to deliver superior powdercoating services in Darwin.

Our powdercoating services are an environmentally friendly and virtually pollution-free option for reducing VOCs, waste, and emissions. For the best powdercoating results, contact AXSA Group in Darwin today.

Sandblasting is the process of hurling sand at high speeds at an object. It cleans and chips away at surfaces, removing rust and other impurities, helping to restore metals to their initial appearance.

Sandblasting is ideal if you would like to remove old coatings, and can also clean off very dirty surfaces or equipment. Surfaces that are currently covered in paint, casting material, rust, grease, soot, scale or water deposits, can be easily sandblasted and can look like new. The result will be a smooth, sleek surface that will be so easy to repaint or resurface according to your desires.

It’s the fastest and most efficient method for removing paint and other old coatings on any of the materials mentioned above.